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Exhibition: 18.05. - 02.06.2019 - micrographity Niederlanden

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

DRAWING CONNECTIONS is a group of 22 artists who have chosen to work collaboratively through the medium of drawing as a way to challenge both their individual practices, and a way of further understanding how artists communicate and collaborate.

Microgravity is the condition in which people or objects appear to be weightless.

MICROGRAPHITY – which can be read as an amalgamation of Microgravity and graphite – is a new term (born of an albeit accidental collaboration), which reflects on the collaborative nature of the group, and their resistance to any specific stance on what drawing ‘is’ or ‘could be’. Resonating with the groups position on the periphery of the art market and the accepted gallery system, – preferring a collaborative and supportive philosophy of shared communication and activity that brings about both individual and group development.

By confining their activities to drawing in its broadest sense they hope to broaden

expectations and understanding of what contemporary drawing can be and offer a platform for collaborative drawing in its expanded forms.

In this exhibition I will collaborate with Balint Bolygo (graphite frottages made with an industrial graphite waste piece) and Deb Whitney (installation out of a 180-year-old dutch prayer book). More detailed information in the ART WORK-Section/Collaboration - see statements.

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